Starting a business has never been easier! Approximately 627,0000 businesses start each year. While tips, tricks, technologies, and tools are available all around you, it is challenging to know which way to go and what to choose. This is especially true for the wellness industry. Health and wellness is something that every person is looking for so your business has to stand out.

So, how exactly do you stand apart and show the world that you’re worth their time and money? How do you make them trust you in a market that’s full of competitors claiming to be the best?

The answer to that is YOU! Your unique strengths are the factor that no other company has. But you just can’t do it all. There is freedom in that admission because then you can begin to seek help.

Luckily, there are people who’ve created businesses based on their strengths that may be exactly what you lack. What do you not enjoy or cannot understand within your business development?

This is where a virtual assistant or a digital marketing agency may be able to help.

Just because you build it, doesn’t guarantee that anyone is coming.

Let’s dive further into how these magical creatures help businesses like yours reach their ideal customer, grow their digital reach and book out thier services or sell thier product out.


How can a Virtual Assistant help me?

Virtual assistants (VAs), a lot like a personal secretary, can not only attend to and manage your email, but also handle your social media accounts and personal calendar. With the proper instruction, they can even create content, do market research, and help make your business meetings much easier.

Many VAs are business owners themselves and understand how to best help your business run more smoothly. They can be found online and hired depending on their specialty like social media, blogging, etc. or even by industry like interior design or reality. Whether on a contract or hourly basis, they can be readily available to you.

In our experience, a VA is excellent at helping to you clear the mold of your ever-growing ‘To Do’ list, but they won’t provide much assistance in finding where it’s all coming from.

This is where a digital marketing agency comes in.


How can a Digital Marketing Agency help me?

A digital marketing agency will do a lot more than just manage your social media accounts. A full-service digital marketing agency can help you with your online marketing strategy, advertising, branding, content creation, and website traffic.

Rather than just focusing on what your business does, an agency will also have the most current knowledge about the marketing industry. They know the latest trends, get to know your target audience, and how your services appeal ideal customers where it matters most.

Still apprehensive? Let’s break it down.

Solutions Driven Services

An experienced agency will deliver a strategy that helps you stand tall and position your business as a leader in your market. As a business, you need your brand to be noticed by those that matter most. That’s exactly what a good digital marketing agency will offer.

Experience Matters Most

With knowledge of the latest trends in your industry and the marketing industry, the right agency finds your ideal client where they already spend their time and guides them to how your business meets their specific needs.  With a team of mixed skillsets, an agency can provide your business with multiple avenues to entice your target audience.

Monitoring and Analytics

Along with strategizing and executing a marketing plan that speaks to your ideal customer, a digital marketing agency will monitor the performance throughout the course of the campaign. Tweaking the strategy along the way to match the results and trends in real time.


Deciding What is Best For You

Make a list of what tasks drain your time and mental energy. Do your research in finding the right person to adopt those tasks and give yourself permission to take the leap in hiring someone new. Even if they do not fully align with your needs, you’ll have a better idea of what you’re looking for the next time.

When it does work out, your workload will lighten and your mental energy can be further spent on the aspects of your business that you are truly passionate about.



Let’s chat about where your business stands online, where you can afford to improve and action steps to get you there during a free, no obligation, consultation. The calendar is only open for a limited time so book in before it closes again!

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